Rehabilitation of Bandırma Stockyards


ETİ Mine Works General Management

Project Content

The storage of boron ores under suitable conditions, which are considered as alternative energy resources and utilized in wide-range of sectors such as glass, detergent, electronics, computer, energy, drug, cosmetics, construction, automotive and waste treatment, is of paramount importance for the product quality.
The stockyards within Bandırma Boron and Acid Plant affiliated to the ETİ Mine Enterprises were renewed so as to provide suitable storage conditions.
The following were completed by our Company so that tincal and cholemanite ores brought to Bandırma facilities through the existing railway line can be measured and stored after being carried by conveyors, and environmental pollution was minimized via dust collecting units established within the plant:
  • Wagon Scale Building
  • Wagon Unloading Unit (a total capacity of 800 m3 with 8 bunkers of 110 m3)
  • Indoor Stockyard Tincal and Cholemanite Storage (a total capacity of 15.000 m3)
  • Tincal and Cholemanite Conveyors (totally 650-m long with carrying capacity of 160tons/hour)
  • Transfer Towers
  • 6000-m2 Field concrete pavement
  • All infrastructure manufacturing